Future Plans

Navjeevan Bahuudeshiya Sevabhavi Sanstha

Old Age Home For Senior Citizens

As part of our future plans, we are going to establish an old age home that will offer comprehensive support to the elderly during their last golden periods. Our facility will provide nutritious food, comfortable accommodation, and suitable clothing to ensure their well-being. Moreover, we will offer access to medical facilities and compassionate care, ensuring that they experience love and dignity in their twilight years. Our goal is to create a nurturing environment where seniors can live with joy, respect, and the comfort they truly deserve.

Land Allotted For Old Agee Home Program

1. Natural Environmental Surrounding For Senior Citizens.
2. Daily Health Routine Check Up For Senior Citizens
3. Environmental & Free Nature Surrounding Garden Establishment For Yoga & Meditation Of Senior Citizens.
4. Organic Vegetables Food For Old People’s
5. Provides Healthy Negative -ORP Hydrogen Water For Drinking 🚰
6. Clean Clothes For Wears
7. TV , Sound System & Weekly Comedy Drama Program For Senior Citizens
8. Huminity Development program
9. Employeement Generation Program For Senior Citizens In Old Agee

Shelter for Handicap

We also envision establishing a safe and nutruring shelter for handicapped individuals who require special care and attention. Our goal is to extend educational support, ensuring their growth and development. Alongside nutritious food and medical assistance, we will offer essential therapies and regular health check-ups to enhance their well-being. Through this compassionate initiative, we aim to create a nurturing space where the differently-abled can thrive and lead fulfilling lives with dignity and inclusivity.